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Post aus Nigeria

Auch im Dezember konnten Rebecaa und Asabe vom Vorstand des Witwenvereins in Maiduguri wieder Reis und Öl and die Frauen verteilen und Waisen unterstützen. Gestern erreichte uns folgender Brief:


The widows and orphans (beneficiaries) have appreciated your effort because you have given them food and assistance in various kinds to make their lives better. They said there is no any organisation that is catering for their well-being as yours. They are very grateful to you, they lack words to express their appreciation. They said may the Lord God bless you abundantly and replenish whatever you have expended for their survival.

The total of the registered widows is 2125 and the orphans – fatherless and motherless this year is 376 and some of them are not registered.

I, the coordinator and Mama Asabe are appreciating your efforts for supporting our widows and orphans in no measure. For you the donors your reward is in heaven, no one on earth can reward you.

Thank you very much.

Looking forward to seeing you again. Remain blessed.

Mrs. Rebecca Philip Mblaya

Rice and Oil for the widows

Widows waiting for distribution of rice and oil

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