10th December, 2014


Dear Renate,


Many greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – Amen.


I and the committee appreciate your effort in collecting the money from the donors.  You take your time, energy, strength in doing this work.  We really thank God for your efforts.


The widows are very grateful for all the assistance you are doing to them because of the insurgence some of them are selling pure water, some are frying kosai, grasshopper, some young girls are working as shop attendant just to earn a living.  The widows are still trooping to Maiduguri; some are coming from Cameroon to Yola from Yola to Maiduguri.  As boko haram are still operating in southern Borno more people are trooping to Maiduguri to take refuge.


When I distributed the items on 28th November, 2014 as you saw in the picture sent by Istifanus, there are 163 who did not get it, so I took their names so that I will also buy another items for them.


Boko haram are still living in the missionary or literacy compound in Gavva.  Some are living in some good houses belonging to individual Christians because there is no single Christians remain in Gavva except those who went to hide in the mountain; though some of them have already fled to Cameroon while others have been killed by the boko haramist.  Most of the old people in Gava have died because of maltreatment inhumanly, hunger and frustration caused by the boko haram because they have killed their children; go away with the young men and women. So as a result many of them have died.


We are living in deep fear because the bomb blasts are rampant in Maiduguri as they are targeting Maiduguri Monday Market where they can kill many people at once, so one have to be careful though there are checking people especially women when entering the market.  All the bomb blast happened outside the Monday Market, none happened inside the market because the volunteer youth are checking seriously.


My sister who was in boko haram’s custody fled to Cameroon and presently she is now in Yola.  She spent two days trekking from Cameroon to Yola.  She wants to come to Maiduguri.  They killed her husband, his younger brother and his wife and two children, her father in-law.  That is, almost all the family of my sister’s late husband is died because of the insurgence.


Last week they went to Lassa, they burnt EYN No. 1 and No. 2, killed many people and burnt many beautiful houses.  They went to Lassa more than three times destroying their properties and killing Christians.  Lassa now is in their custody.


Renate, you told R. to come and meet me. She met me and I gave her some money. I will help her at any time if I have money. R. became so thin because of the stress she passed through.


I assisted the total orphans – those that don’t have mother and father with the money you sent me.  They are also sending their warm greetings and appreciation to you.  I gave about sixty five of them the money.


Thank you very much for the concern and assistance to widows and orphans.  We also appreciate the concern and efforts of our donors wholeheartedly.


N. M. S. (name changed)






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